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Astrus Elite Silver™ Stretcher Surfaces

Effective pressure management.


Our Astrus Elite Surface has a 4-layer foam composite construction that protects patients four ways. A top layer of memory foam conforms to the patient while the underlying foam layers support the patient’s weight and prevent bottoming out. Both the Astrus Elite and Astrus Elite Silver contain the same 4-layer advanced pad technology.


  • 3 1/2" (9 cm) Surface
Astrus Elite Silver - Product Range
  Length: 74" (188 cm) Length: 76" (193 cm) Length: 78" (198 cm)
Width Product Numbers (3.5" width) Product Numbers (3.5" width)  Product Numbers (3.5" width)
24" H-32A-00-424 H-32A-00-624 H-32A-00-824
26" H-32A-00-426 H-32A-00-626 H-32A-00-826
28" H-32A-00-428 H-32A-00-628 H-32A-00-828
30" H-32A-00-430 H-32A-00-630 H-32A-00-830

Individual pads for these sets are available. Contact Sales Dept. for X-ray pad part numbers and additional information.

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