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Allen® Advance Table

#A-71001 (US)

Safety Designed In - A premium solution for complex spine surgical procedures designed with improved safety features.


The Allen Advance Table is a specialist table for complex surgical procedures for use with patients up to 600 lbs (272 kg). It offers radiolucency through the whole working length of the table. For surgeries that require the patient to be re-positioned from supine to prone or vice versa whilst still anesthetized, it rotates through 360°.  

It has been designed with improved safety features specifically related to the surgical top’s connection to the table, helping to avoid accidentally dropping the surgical top if the incorrect pin is pulled. 

In addition, this solution has the caregivers requirements in mind, offering a more modern and intuitive user interface along with convenience features such as central locking, EZ-Roll castors and numbered H-Brackets for improved communication.


  • Modern user interface helps the user understand the “state” that the table is currently in e.g. locked, unlocked, tilted, trend or reverse trend
  • Innovative “H-Bracket” design ensures that if the pin connecting the H-Bracket to the table base is accidentally pulled, the patient support top will not fall to the floor
  • Central locking castors controlled directly from the pendant
  • EZ Roll castors help the caregiver when transporting the table around the OR
  • Numbered H-Brackets help with communication between caregivers when attaching the different tops to the base
  • 360° rotation capabilities
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (272.2 kg)
  • Table Weight (without a support top): approximately 325 lbs (147 kg)
  • Rail Top Weight: approximately 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
  • Flat Top Weight: approximately 36.5 lbs (16.5 kg)
  • Length (retracted to fully extended): 69" to 109" (175.3 cm to 276.9 cm)
  • Width: 32.5" (82.6 cm)
  • Column Height (measured from the support top to the floor): 26.5" to 50" (67.3 cm to 127 cm) (electronically adjustable)
  • Electronic Rotation: 25° clockwise and counterclockwise (can be locked at any point within this range)
  • Manual Rotation: 360° (can be locked at horizontal only)
  • Maximum Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg: 10°
  • CE marked
Standard Package #A-71001 (US)

What's Included

#A-71100 (US)
Allen® Advance Table

1 Included*

Advance Pendant

1 Included

Advance H-Bracket

4 Included

Advance Pins

8 Included

Cervical Traction Bar

1 Included

Advance Safety Straps

4 Included

Advance Flat Top

1 Included

Advance Flat Top Pad

1 Included

Advance Rail Top

1 Included

Advance Prone Support Set

1 Included
See page for details

Adjustable Accessory Rail

1 Included**

Clamp: Adjustable Accessory Rail

1 Included

Articulating Arm Support

2 Included

Articulating Arm Support Clamp 10" (25.4 cm)

2 Included

Accessory Rail 6" (15.2 cm)

2 Included**

Large Security Strap

2 Included

Advance Accessory Cart

1 Included

Power Cord

1 Included

What's Optional

Armboard Rail

Specify Rail Type**

Advanced Arm Support

Specify Rail Type**

Allen Advance Pillow - Standard

Allen Advance Pillow - Queen

Extended Warranty

Available In US Only

*Alternate part numbers may be used for international versions.
**Specify Rail Type: US, EU, UK, JP, DEN. See product page for international part numbers.
†Specify Country.
‡Extended Warranty Program For Allen Advance Table - US Only: The Extended Warranty for the Allen® Advance Table will extend the original warranty for an additional year (making two years total). This program ensures that the table functions properly for two years from the date of purchase. See page 150 of the catalog for more information on Allen Medical System’s Warranty Program.

Additional Accessories

Premium Package Upgrade #A-71002*

C-Flex Head Positioning System

1 Included

Complete Package Upgrade #A-71003*

C-Flex Head Positioning System

1 Included

Allen® Bow® Frame

1 Included

*Includes all of the items in the Standard Package plus the items listed in the upgrade.

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