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Allen® Beach Chair Cart

#A-90100 (US)

Protect your investment.


The perfect companion, the Allen Beach Chair Cart conveniently stores the Allen Beach Chair and all of its accessories. The Beach Chair rests securely on sturdy rails at user height to reduce potential back strain. Optional accessory hooks allow quick and easy storage for larger accessories. Deep bin affords plenty of extra storing space. Weighted base makes cart tip-resistant and reduces potential vibration during transport. Polymer base is dent-resistant. Heavy-duty casters roll smoothly. Two casters lock for safer and easier loading, unloading and storage.

  • Specify Rail Type: US, EU, UK, Denyer, Japan
What's Included

What's Included

#A-90100 (US)
Allen® Beach Chair Cart

1 Included (US)*

What's Optional

#A-30011 (US)
Accessory Hook

Specify Rail Type**

Single Hook

Double Hook

*Specify Rail Type: US, EU, UK, Denyer, Japan
**Specify rail type: US, EU, UK, Japan

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