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The Allen Spine portfolio offers innovative solutions to help with all of your patient positioning challenges in spine surgery. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone, dedicated spine table for complex spine surgical procedures or positioning systems for simple spine procedures, Allen provides many options.
Spine Products
Innovative spine positioning products that are tailored to your needs and budget. Allen's solutions range from a stand-alone spine table for complex spine procedures, to attachments for your existing OR table that can be used for either complex or simple spine procedures.
Spine Disposables
Allen's spine disposables help protect the patient’s skin while protecting your equipment from fluids and contaminants.
Spine Accessories
Allen offers a selection of spine accessories including arm supports, accessory clamps and head positioners.
Gyn / Uro / Lap
Allen offers a wide range of positioning solutions for gynecology, laparoscopy and urology procedures. Led by the Yellofins® stirrup family, Allen offers a comprehensive line of stirrups that will address of all of your patient positioning challenges. In addition, Allen is leading the way with innovative solutions that safely and comfortably hold the patient in the Steep Trendelenburg position, which is becoming a more challenging positioning requirement and common particularly in robotic procedures.
Gyn / Uro / Lap Products
Allen's gynecology, laparoscopy and urology positioning products are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you work with bariatric patients, pediatric patients or robotics, we have an innovative solution that will work for you.
Gyn / Uro / Lap Disposables
Allen's gynecology, laparoscopy and urology disposables are designed to help protect your patients during surgery in addition to protecting your equipment from fluids and contaminants.
Gyn / Uro / Lap Accessories
Allen offers a selection of gynecology, laparoscopy and urology accessories including fluid collection and containment products, boot pads, straps and supports to meet your specific positioning needs.
Allen offers a wide range of orthopaedics products including beach chairs and lateral decubitus positioners for shoulder and hip surgery, arm and hand tables, knee positioners for knee procedures and more. Using innovative technologies like Lift-Assist™ Allen provides simple, secure orthopaedic positioning solutions for the OR.
Orthopaedic Products
Allen provides an array of products to meet your specific orthopaedic positioning needs including beach chairs that offer Fowler’s Position for shoulder surgery, multiple options for lateral decubitus positioning and a wide selection of arm and hand tables.
Orthopaedic Disposables
Allen's orthopaedic disposables protect your equipment from fluids and contaminants and give you the convenience of an easy clean up.
Orthopaedic Accessories
Allen offers a selection orthopaedic of accessories including arm supports, straps and braces to meet your specific positioning needs.
Fluid Management
Allen’s fluid management line ranges from a sophisticated fluid management system to convenient collection devices such as the Easy Catcher® and Quiet Floor Suction System. For a case such as a hysteroscopy, the Thermedx® FluidSmart™ System provides real-time fluid deficit monitoring by measuring fluid inflow against collected fluid.
Allen provides pressure management OR table pads and gel positioners in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific positioning needs. Allen has over 10 years of experience in the area of pressure management. The engineered foams in our stretcher and OR table pads were cutting edge when first developed and our products have remained at the forefront of technological innovation ever since - with new radiolucent foam formulations and multi-density pad layups.
OR Table, Armboard & Stretcher Pads
Allen pads contain multiple foam layers that work together for optimal pressure management. This requires a pad that is effective in four main support functions: conforming to the patient's body, providing proper support, prohibiting any bony prominences from bottoming out, and evening out irregularities and gaps in the table surface.
Gel Positioners
Allen's Gel Positioners come in many different shapes and sizes to meet your positioning needs. Our gel positioners are manufactured with a soft, 100% silicone formulation and are easy to clean.
Allen's General Accessories include various products for the OR, as well as clamps, storage carts and armboards. Allen also offers a selection of bariatric products to support larger patients.
General Accessories Products
Allen offers a variety of products for the OR, including mats, straps, footboards, anesthesia screens and IV towers.
General Accessories Clamps
Allen's makes a variety of clamps for use with OR table accessories. Many of our clamps have variations for different rail types.
General Accessories Armboards
Allen's selection of armboards provides safe and easy solutions for prone, lateral, supine and fowlers positions.
General Accessories Storage Carts
Allen's storage carts are a great way to store and protect your OR accessories. Allen offers a variety of carts catered to your specific storage needs.
General Accessories Bariatric
Allen offers products designed specifically for use with larger patients, with higher weight capacities and more room for the patient.