"In my experience, the Allen frame performs comparably to the standard OSI Jackson™ table for non-instrumented cases, with some additional benefits: It's smaller, can be adapted to a regular table, folded into a neat unit for storage and is considerably less expensive."

James J. Lynch, MD, FACS 
Chairman, Director of Spine Nevada
and Surgery Center of Reno

Jackson Table is a trademark of Roger P. Jackson.

The Allen® Spine System costs a fraction of the price of a Jackson Table™.


Spine XLIF® Package

Spine Packages


Stable Positioning with Increased Access to L4-L5. 

Greater degree of intraoperative FLEX. Flex the spine at more severe angles than standard OR tables and keep the spine parallel to the floor while flexed. More stability with less tape. Wedge the patient between the Allen Wingsets. They form an adjustable, padded, V-shaped holder for the patient.

Product NameA-70257
XLIF Lateral Hip Pad
1 Included
Product NameA-70501
Flex Frame Short Accessory Rail
1 Included
Product NameA-10029
Toboggan Gel Pad

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