“Proper positioning techniques, used with supportive equipment and devices, contribute to patient safety, according to the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses.”

Recommended practices for positioning the
patient in the perioperative practice setting.

Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN)

The Allen® Patient Transfer Boards are lightweight and are available in three sizes to accommodate different patient transfer needs in the operating room.


Allen® Easy Irrigation Tower

General Accessories Products


“Lift-Assist™ Technology” Neutralizes Irrigation Bag Weight

Four independently adjustable hooks each safely support up to 10,000cc of fluid. Comfortable, quick-release knobs permit vertical adjustment of hangers from 51⁄2' to 81⁄2' (167.5 cm x 259 cm). This nurse-friendly design makes it easy for all personnel to operate effortlessly.

Lift-Assist™ Technology
Unique spring-loaded elliptical knob unlocks when squeezed and locks securely in place when released. The lift-assist articulation is done mechanically, there are no hydraulics or batteries to fail.

The hanger height is displayed in inches and centimeters for your convenience.

• Stable: Our tower doesn’t require sandbags or special weights to stay up
• Nearly Effortless: Lift-Assist technology makes vertical adjustment easy
• Simple: Spring design
    NO complicated hydraulics to fail
    NO battery to remember to charge
• High Capacity: Holds up to 40,000cc (10,000cc max capacity per hook)
• User-Friendly: Easy-to-reach hangers range from 51⁄2’ to 81⁄2’ (1.67 m x 2.59 m)
• Convenient: Four independently adjustable hooks
• Ergonomic: Comfortable, quick-release knobs

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