"In my experience, the Allen frame performs comparably to the standard OSI Jackson™ table for non-instrumented cases, with some additional benefits: It's smaller, can be adapted to a regular table, folded into a neat unit for storage and is considerably less expensive."

James J. Lynch, MD, FACS 
Chairman, Director of Spine Nevada
and Surgery Center of Reno

Jackson Table is a trademark of Roger P. Jackson.

The Allen® Bow® Frame has a patient weight capacity of 500 lbs. (227 kg)

Allen® Spine

Allen develops technologically advanced patient positioning systems that enhance surgical access and patient safety. The Allen® Spine portfolio offers innovative products for all ranges of the market. Whether it is a high end dedicated spine positioning table, a unique "squeeze and position" head positioner or a foldable system that converts a standard OR table to a full-fledged spinal positioning table, Allen can meet your needs.

Allen® Advance Table

Allen® Spine System: Premium Package

Allen® Bow® Frame

Allen® C-Flex® Head Positioning System